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Hybrid Flexible Working: A Survey Analysis

Hybrid Flexible Working: A Survey Analysis


Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Flexible Working: A Survey Analysis

In October, Valley House conducted a survey amongst our employees about our hybrid/flexible working contracts to gather insights. The results shed light on how this work arrangement has impacted work-life balance, well-being, productivity, and communication with colleagues and managers.

Improved Work-Life Balance:

A recurring theme in the survey responses was the positive impact of hybrid/flexible working on work-life balance. Employees cited reduced stress from commuting, increased flexibility to work from home, and the ability to fulfill personal responsibilities, such as providing childcare. The survey highlighted a shift towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, as employees now have more time to enjoy weekends and build stronger family connections.

Negatives of Hybrid/Flexible Working:

Interestingly, the survey revealed minimal concerns or drawbacks associated with hybrid/flexible working. The primary drawback mentioned was the reduced face-to-face interaction with colleagues. However, many respondents expressed that the benefits far outweighed any drawbacks, with some acknowledging occasional after-hours work during busy periods as part of the flexibility offered.

Enhanced Health and Well-being:

Participants consistently reported improvements in health and well-being. The flexibility to choose a comfortable working environment led to reduced stress and pressure. Employees mentioned feeling calmer, more comfortable in their work environment, and better equipped to manage complex needs, leading to an overall enhancement in mental and emotional health.

Maintaining Productivity:

The survey delved into how employees maintained high levels of productivity while working away from the office. Responses highlighted self-motivation, fewer distractions, and dedicated home offices as key factors contributing to increased efficiency. Participants expressed the ability to manage workloads effectively and complete tasks without the interruptions often encountered in the office.

Workload Management:

Managing workloads in a hybrid/flexible working setup appeared seamless for most respondents. Prioritising tasks, utilising to-do lists, and maintaining open communication with managers were common strategies. The survey emphasised that employees felt in control of their work regardless of their physical location.

Connectedness with Colleagues:

Despite physical separation, employees reported feeling connected to their colleagues through various communication channels. Regular Teams meetings, emails, and phone calls were cited as effective methods to stay connected. While some acknowledged that in-person interactions were irreplaceable, the overall sentiment was that technology facilitated meaningful communication.

Communication with Managers:

Maintaining communication with managers while working remotely was essential for many respondents. Email and phone calls were the predominant methods, with employees expressing satisfaction with the level of contact. The flexibility in communication methods seemed to accommodate the diverse needs of employees.

Concerns and Additional Comments:

Interestingly, the survey revealed minimal concerns among respondents. The majority expressed satisfaction with their current working arrangements, emphasising that the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Some individuals expressed a preference for increased flexibility, indicating a desire to work more from home.


The survey analysis paints a positive picture of hybrid/flexible working, showcasing its significant impact on work-life balance, well-being, and productivity. While there are minor concerns, the overall sentiment among employees is one of appreciation for the flexibility and support provided by Valley House.  As hybrid/flexible working continues to evolve, Valley House will continue to offer hybrid/flexible working, where appropriate, to support the diverse needs of our workforce.

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