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A Greener Future: Valley House’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

A Greener Future: Valley House’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Environment - Environmentally Friendly

At Valley House, we recognise the importance of bring environmentally friendly protecting our environment for future generations. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our comprehensive plan to become a more environmentally sustainable organisation. Our plan outlines a series of initiatives across three key areas:

Supporting Service Users: We’ll empower our service users to make eco-conscious choices by providing educational materials on topics like reducing food waste, recycling effectively, and making informed food purchases.

Our Places: We’ll create a culture of environmental awareness within our facilities and green spaces. This includes incorporating sustainable activities into our service user programs, fostering biodiversity in our gardens, and exploring the use of renewable energy sources like solar power to make Valley House more environmentally friendly.

Our Properties: We’ll prioritise sustainable practices in our buildings and day-to-day operations.  We’ll embrace a “circular economy” approach, repairing and reusing furniture and appliances whenever possible, and ensuring responsible disposal of unusable items.  Additionally, we’ll be making the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting and exploring ways to reduce our paper usage.


Environment - Environmentally Friendly

Here are some specific actions we’re taking to achieve these goals:

  • Reviewing Service User Materials: We’ll be updating leaflets and casework sessions to include information on saving energy, recycling, and reducing food waste.
  • Engaging Service Users: We’ll incorporate environment focused activities into our service user programs, encouraging teachable moments and fostering a culture of sustainability.
  • Promoting Biodiversity: We’ll focus on ongoing maintenance of our communal gardens and explore ways to enhance biodiversity within these spaces.
  • Embracing Efficiency: We’ll be leading the switch from traditional fluorescent lights to energy-efficient LEDs in both office and service user properties, with a focus on implementing auto-shutoff features where possible.
  • Prioritising Repair: We’ll prioritise the repair and reuse of furniture, appliances, and flooring over purchasing new items. Responsible disposal practices for unusable items will also be ensured.
  • Exploring Renewables: We’ll be investigating the viability of solar power as an alternative energy source for our buildings.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: We’ll track key metrics such as waste management, paper usage, and energy consumption to measure the impact of our initiatives and inform future plans.
  • Building Networks: We’ll be identifying internal champions for environmental sustainability at both operational and Board levels, and developing connections with like-minded organisations for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

This plan represents a significant step forward on Valley House’s journey towards a more sustainable future.  We’re committed to continuous improvement and believe that by working together, we can create a positive impact on our environment and the communities we support.

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