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Valley House Participates in Coventry Muslim Forum’s Health and Wellbeing Event

Valley House Participates in Coventry Muslim Forum’s Health and Wellbeing Event

To promote community health and wellbeing, Connie from Valley House recently attended an event held at the Coventry Muslim Resource Centre, organised by the Coventry Muslim Forum. The occasion provided an excellent platform for Connie to discuss the REACH service, a partnership project aimed at supporting individuals with their health and wellbeing.

The REACH service was created as a result of co-production between individuals with lived experience sharing where the gaps are in current services.  The REACH service aligns with the community-driven initiatives promoted by Valley House. Through co-production, Valley House strives to work collaboratively with service users, ensuring that our services meet the diverse needs of the community.

One of the primary objectives of Connie’s participation was to engage with the public and raise awareness about mental health. In a setting that encouraged open dialogue, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the various mental health resources available and discuss the importance of seeking help when needed. Connie’s presentation emphasised Valley House’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals facing mental health challenges.

This event provided a comprehensive platform for attendees to explore various aspects of health and wellbeing. From informative sessions to interactive discussions, the event facilitated a holistic approach to community health, covering physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The collaborative efforts between Valley House, all partners in the REACH service and  the Coventry Muslim Forum outlined the importance of a united approach to community wellbeing. By bringing together professionals and the public, the event fostered a sense of community and collective responsibility towards creating a healthier and more supportive environment.

Connie’s participation in the Health and Wellbeing Event at the Coventry Muslim Resource Centre showcased Valley House’s commitment to community engagement and mental health support. Such events serve as valuable opportunities to bridge gaps, raise awareness, and ensure that essential services reach those who need them the most.

Coventry Muslim Forum's Health and Wellbeing Event


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