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Wellbeing support

Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support - Our wellbeing can often go overlooked when living with domestic abuse, very often our needs come last on the list. This can be both our physical and mental wellbeing which can often slip sometimes without us even realising. When fleeing domestic abuse, we can sometimes experience a mental health dip, often as a result of coming to terms with the realisation of the trauma you have been through. Its important to recognise this and source the right support at the right time.

As part of our Wellbeing Support package, Valley House offer a counselling service which offers six months counselling to Valley House Service Users. The counsellors work with issues related to trauma, drug and alcohol issues, loss, childhood issues, anxiety and depression amongst many others.

Valley House provide weekly wellbeing support in the form of lunchtime walks for staff as we recognise that in helping others we must also look after ourselves. Staff are also prompted to do pop up exercises throughout the day to ensure we all keep moving.

Valley House also provide the opportunity for group work with service users from domestic abuse group support to coffee mornings which gives service users a chance to gather with other people who may have had similar experiences. This can give people something to look forward to and can help build relationships and learn through a different environment.

Wellbeing Support

Exercise doesn’t have to mean getting up at 5am to go to the gym. Swimming, walking, playing sports all contribute to your fitness and calorie burn. Finding and doing something you enjoy and can sustain, perhaps involving friends/family can help with motivation.

In terms of prepping meals, it can help to think ahead of time, thinking how long you will be away from home, availability of refrigeration/heating, space for carrying supplies, quick and simple to prep, filling food to prevent snacking and thinking high protein/fibre which is more satiating.

Water makes up 45-70% of our body, the recommendation is 8 glasses a day! Dehydration causes loss of concentration/dizziness/headaches/poor mood. Take a water bottle with you everywhere you go and sip regularly throughout the day.

‘Helping one person will not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person’

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