About Us

Established in 1977, Valley House is a Coventry based charity.  We work with isolated and vulnerable individuals to achieve and sustain greater independence.  We employ around 70 staff and have a turnover in excess of £2.1m (16/17).

Our innovative approach is:

  • Asset-Based: enabling individuals and communities to identify and build on their own and collective strengths to build resilience rather than focusing on problems.
  • Holistic: addressing both presenting concerns and immediate practical needs, as well as underlying issues
  • Partnership-Based: working collaboratively through established networks to complement and enhance existing services
  • Service-User Led: working with service users to jointly identify and address their needs including involving service users in the design and monitoring/evaluation of services
  • Safeguarding-Centric: creating a safe environment in which vulnerable individuals can build their skills, confidence and motivation and begin to turn their lives around

Our range of services includes:

Supported Accommodation, Floating Support, Outreach Services

We provide supported accommodation and floating support in the service users’ own home to individuals and families who are experiencing personal crisis and are vulnerable to multiple disadvantages and social exclusion. This includes teenage parents and victims of domestic violence and abuse.


We offer young people a safe space to meet others, acknowledge their potential, and enjoy new opportunities. We do this through a combination of group work and one-to-one support delivered both on site at Valley House and in the community.

Counselling and Support

We provide a range of counselling and enhanced support services for disadvantaged and isolated individuals. The service covers a range of emotional/psychological and practical issues, including deep-seated complex needs. This includes HY² (Helping You Help Yourself) our innovative pre-therapy support service.