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Prioritising Staff Wellbeing: Valley House’s Comprehensive Approach During Stress Awareness Month

Prioritising Staff Wellbeing: Valley House’s Comprehensive Approach During Stress Awareness Month

As a fast paced and proactive Charity, Valley House places a paramount focus on the wellbeing of our dedicated staff. Acknowledging the challenging nature of the work they do every day, we recognise the need for prioritising their mental and emotional health.

Raising awareness about mental health and embracing the powerful message that ‘It is okay not to be okay’ lies at the heart of our efforts. Our Senior Team and Line Managers create an open and supportive environment for staff to discuss topics which may be affecting them.

Regular Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) between Line Managers and staff members provide a crucial space for open conversations regarding roles, responsibilities, and personal matters. Looking ahead to 2024, Valley House is set to introduce Wellness Action Plans and Medical Conditions Plans into the PDR model, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a safe and proactive atmosphere for our valued staff.

At the core of our support system is a dedicated and up-to-date Mental Health Policy that not only outlines preventative measures but also offers comprehensive support and signposting for our staff. To further promote a healthy work-life balance, staff can enjoy two Wellbeing days allocated from their Annual Leave, providing flexibility and appreciated respite, as highlighted in our recent Health and Wellbeing Survey.

All staff can access free confidential counselling for both professional and personal issues they may have.

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A majority of our team members at Valley House are equipped with Mental Health First Aid training, complemented by our Organisational Training Plan. In response to staff feedback, we are introducing new workshops in 2024, covering a range of wellbeing subjects. Our certification with Thrive at Work ensures a structured framework around staff wellbeing, bolstered by the recent addition of our Staff Health and Wellbeing Manager. This dedicated professional oversees various initiatives, including Lunchtime walks and monthly Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massages, enriching the staff experience.

Within the Domestic Abuse  Team, an increased focus on reflective reviews during handovers provides staff with opportunities to discuss and gain insights into the challenging caseloads they handle. Our Safeguarding Lead is also available for case reflections, particularly for complex cases.

To further empower our staff, the newly launched Intranet features a dedicated Staff Health and Wellbeing page. Here, our team members can access signposting and valuable hints and tips covering all aspects of wellbeing, including mental health. Valley House remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive environment, ensuring the holistic wellbeing of our invaluable staff members.

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