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Valley House Swim-a-thon 2020!

Valley House Swim-a-thon 2020!

You will probably know from our social media channels that we are taking part in a swim-a-thon in March this year.

Our last swim-a-thon raised a fantastic £1,400. This year, we need your help to beat that target. This year we’d like to raise £1,500.

Staff, service users and supporters are taking part in this swim-a-thon. They are training at least twice a week, so that they can cover the 10-mile distance. That’s a total of 644 lengths. This is the equivalent of swimming from Coventry to Leamington Spa!

We have been supporting people in the local community for over forty years. Many of our service users have experienced trauma. Counselling provides a safe space where people can begin to heal and recover from the trauma they have experienced.

What will we do with the money we raise?

£35 will cover the cost of us providing one month of counselling for a Valley House Service user.

£105 will cover the cost of us providing three months of counselling for a service user.

£210 will cover the cost of us providing six months of counselling for a service user.

Often, finding childcare is a barrier to people accessing support. Funds will also be used to cover childcare costs.

£22 will pay for one session of childcare so a Valley house parent can attend a group session on understanding the effects of domestic abuse on children.

£88 will pay for 4 sessions of childcare so that a Valley House parent can attend our Domestic Abuse Awareness group work programme.

The more we raise, the more people we can support. Our swimmers all have different reasons for taking part. Some are hoping to get fitter, others would like to support a local, community charity.

If you would like to support our swim-a-thon, you can donate here.