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Wellbeing in January and beyond

Wellbeing in January and beyond


We all know that January can be a tough month, pay day seems to take forever to come round, all the festivities of Christmas are over and it’s still a little bit dark and a little bit miserable outside. Your Wellbeing is important, and January is the month that can really bring you down if you don’t take steps to look after yourself.

With that in mind, at Valley House we’ve put our heads together and come up with 5 top tips on beating the January Blues.

1. Exercise

You might be groaning haunted by school experiences of freezing half to death on the hockey field, but exercise really can be as effective as anti-depressants. We’re not suggesting you aim to qualify for the Olympics, something as easy as a gentle walk can do the trick! If you’re looking to try new sports, we can help! Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm, come along to the Moat House Leisure Centre for Multi-Sports. Anyone aged 16-25 is welcome to pop along. If you’d like to commit to exercise longer term, we’re running gym sessions in February, held at the AT7 Centre twice a week, attend all eight sessions and get support for discounted membership.

2. Drink more…

…water! If you’re feeling anxious drinking excessive caffeine or sugary drinks can make the feelings of anxiety worse. Not only is water much cheaper than a tall caramel latte with extra cream, it can improve mood, alertness and energy!

3. Be Sociable

Not always as easy as it sounds, but it can be great for lifting your mood. Why not pop along to a Free Kitchen? These are held at Valley House on the last Monday of every month. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people and enjoy free food and good conversation. What have you got to loose?

4. Turn off technology

Ever gone to bed early and then spent hours scrolling through social media? The back light on a mobile phone or tablet can throw your body clock off and leave you feeling jet-lagged, not helpful when you’ve got a busy week ahead. A top tip from our Communications Officer is to leave your phone downstairs at night. (If your mobile is your morning alarm, invest in an alarm clock.) Not only does this stop pre-sleep scrolling, if you happen to wake up in the night, you won’t be reaching for your phone to let Facebook know you’re awake! It’s hard at first but you will sleep better for it!

5. Get creative

Why not try something new, or finally try that hobby you’ve always been interested in? Getting creative could be as simple as taking a few snaps with your phone whilst on a walk. If you fancy something a bit more adventurous, pop along to our Street Art project. It runs on Tuesdays 4-6pm with a professional graffiti artist! Painting not your thing? What about baking? The Youth Service hold a Bake Off on Mondays, 1-4pm, any level of skill welcome!

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