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Case Studies

Paige’s Story

Paige told us the story of her encounter with her ex-partner that led to her being hospitalised. She began by telling us that her life had always been “like a rollercoaster”. She said that her family had always been very controlling. Paige stated that this … Read more

Ian’s Story

Ian's Story - Unemployment

In 2016 Ian was working as a carer full time, and living with his parents. When Ian’s mum died suddenly, he became a carer for his dad, Bill, who had early onset dementia. During this time Ian had to have a knee replaced so ended up being on sick leave, but still had the responsibilities of caring for Bill.   Unfortunately after the operation he was unable … Read more

Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte is a young parent with two boys aged one and six months. During her first pregnancy, Charlotte found herself in an abusive relationship. She suffered verbal abuse and was often threatened with physical violence. The arguments got worse as the pregnancy progressed. During these arguments her partner would tell her … Read more

Shanice’s story

Shanice's Story

Shanice’s lifestyle was chaotic when she first came to Valley House. Today, she lives in one of our family homes with her baby daughter and is looking forwards to a happier, healthier future for the two of them.

Freddy’s story

Freddy was diagnosed with autism shortly after joining The Nursery. We helped him develop his communication skills and get ready for the transition to school.

Steve’s story

When Steve and his daughter became homeless, Valley House offered practical and emotional support which he describes as a ‘lifeline’. Today, the family has a stable home and Steve is learning to open up and deal with his emotions.

Hayley’s story

With help from the youth service at Valley House, young mum Hayley, 17, is feeling positive about the future.