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Abraham’s Story

Abraham’s Story


Abraham Story

Abraham joined our nursery in September 2019 as the first child in his family, as his mother was returning to work. Initially, he had a difficult time settling in and would often cry. However, with time, Abraham began to thrive and enjoy playing with his peers.

Despite his progress, it was evident that Abraham was not speaking or communicating as expected, and he was falling behind his peers. The nursery staff quickly recognised this and began implementing focused interventions to support his language development.

Through small group sessions and additional support, Abraham made significant progress. When he was eventually seen by a speech and language therapist, he had already made remarkable strides. The therapist discharged him immediately, with recommendations for the nursery to continue supporting his language development.

Abraham’s success story is a testament to the nursery’s commitment to early recognition and intervention. He is now a confident and chatty child.

The nursery staff work tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the best possible outcome. We take pride in our ability to recognise and address developmental concerns early on, and we are thrilled to see the positive impact it has on our children.

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