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Lysha’s Story

Lysha’s Story

Breast Ironing – Shocking Practices in Cameroon Africa 

In this video we interview an ex-service user from Valley House who describes what she went through as a child growing up in Cameroon. She explains how Valley House helped her and how she plans to change the world.

Breast ironing is a deeply controversial and harmful practice that involves the use of heated objects, like stones, wooden paddles, or even spatulas, to flatten or suppress the development of a young girl’s breasts. This story sheds light on the subject, aiming to raise awareness and prompt discussions about its harmful consequences.

In a small village nestled deep in the heart of Cameroon, a young girl named Lysha was approaching her teenage years. Lysha was full of dreams and aspirations, eager to explore the world beyond her village. She was a bright student and showed promise in her studies.

However, Lysha’s journey to womanhood would be far from easy. In her village, an age-old tradition prevailed, known as breast ironing. The belief was that delaying breast development would deter unwanted male attention and preserve the girls’ innocence.

Lysha’s mother, Fatima, had undergone the same procedure as a child and had mixed feelings about continuing the tradition with her daughter. She understood the social pressures and the desire to protect Lysha from potential harm, but she also recognized the physical and emotional toll it could take.

If you’re worried a child is at risk of or has already experienced FGM, NSPCC has a free anonymous dedicated FGM helpline, call 0800 028 3550 or email fgm.help@nspcc.org.uk.

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