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Jj’s Story

Jj’s Story

JJ story

JJ: How exciting this day was going to be, my first day at nursery. Mummy said, “It’s ok, off you go and play, see you later”. Still excited but just a little unsure I went on my new adventure in the nursery. There were children everywhere, toys everywhere, so much to see so much to do it was absolutely the best day ever so far in my life, I am only four though!

Playing all morning, eating lunch with my new friends, playing, laughing, and starting to find my place in the world, so good I can not wait to tell mum all about this, I’m not good with words yet but she’ll know by just looking at my face. Some children were taking a nap the teacher asked me to sit quietly for a while, which is not easy I love to run and be active but the inevitable happened and I fell asleep.

“JJ”, the teacher woke me from my nap, looking around and remembering where I was, at nursery, my first day was going well. The teacher was talking to me telling me things I was trying to listen, trying to understand. I started to look around and there were people, strangers, standing talking, moving distracting me. No mummy in sight, no familiar faces, children still playing, noisy, I’m being taken, I can’t tell them I don’t want to go, I can’t tell them I want my mummy. “It’s ok “, they keep telling me, but this doesn’t feel ok. I’m frightened I’m angry, I’m putting up a fight. They struggle to get me into the car and off I go.

Mum wasn’t allowed to pick me up from nursery for safeguarding reasons. I don’t live with mummy anymore I live with these new people; they are looking after me now. They take me to nursery, and I am confused and worried, but I recognize some faces and I think I’m going to have a good time here. Not sure I like the rules, but my familiar faces are so kind and caring I’ll try my best.

I’ve moved house again and I’m with another family, don’t thing my first family could cope with my “issues”! The story continues but I have my nursery, I like it there.

Here I go again! My new family are having problems with my behaviour, I’m struggling to understand what to do or how to behave but I still see my nursery friends I have a great time there. I know what I can do and what I can’t do. I’m starting to understand the boundaries and I can follow the routine. I get to sit with my friends, and I have my own lunch box just like before. The sad thing is that it’s the end of term now and I don’t have my nursery anymore, I’m going to big school, another scary adventure but my nursery has prepared me for this transition like all the other children. I will be with the right family someday; I remember my mummy and I’ll remember my nursery and my familiar faces.

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