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Month: January 2021

Health and healing; how diet and exercise can help survivors.

Today, we’d like to introduce Claire* a support worker in our domestic abuse service. Claire has a passion for exercise and nutrition, and she’s sharing knowledge to help empower our service users. Not only that, Claire heads up our ‘Wellbeing Walks’. These are lunchtime walks, … Read more

What is economic abuse?

Economic abuse is a form of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is described as a pattern of behaviour used to gain or maintain power and control over someone. There are many ways in which perpetrators do this, including economic abuse, which is a form of coercive … Read more

Stay mentally well this winter

To combat the negative effects winter and the pandemic have had on mental health, health and social care partners across Coventry and Warwickshire are uniting to remind people they are not alone and support is always available. At this time, it’s vitally important that people … Read more