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Month: April 2020

It’s National Gardening Week!

It’s National Gardening Week, it’s got us thinking about all things garden! In April 2018 Valley House began a gardening project for service users. Over the spring and summer we grew; tomatoes, strawberries, beans, peppers, chillies, cucumbers, rhubarb and potatoes! The children in the Nursery … Read more

Morrisons Donate to Valley House.

Today we were delighted to receive a large donation from Morrisons supermarket Binley. Working in the current climate is a challenge. One of the biggest is trying to source the essentials for our vulnerable service users.  Staff have risen to this unprecedented challenge, which has … Read more

Stress awareness month

Did you know that April is Stress awareness month? What is stress? In a nutshell, stress is the body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure. It’s not always a bad thing to feel stressed, the stress of a work or school deadline is a … Read more

Valley House Young Women’s Refuge

Valley House Young Women’s refuge is a new service being delivered in Coventry, from April. Recently, Valley House was part of the West Midlands combined authority bid to increase refuge bed spaces across the Midlands. We are pleased to say that we were successful! We … Read more

International Children’s Book Day

It’s international children’s book day today! We’ve all got one, that treasured book that’s been read and re-read. Even the most reluctant of readers have something; a poem, comic or joke book that’s been treasured for years, with worn pages from countless turning! Books allow … Read more