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Zayne Wilson is joining the Valley House Swim-a-thon

Zayne Wilson is joining the Valley House Swim-a-thon

As you will no doubt be aware, Valley House is taking part in a sponsored swim-a-thon that will help to fund vital counselling sessions for our service users. We’ve been asking for sponsorship for the event, where our swimmers will be working together to swim a total of 644 lengths (or ten miles).

The challenge is a daunting one, each swimmer has a big target number of lengths. We were thrilled when Zayne reached out to us, offering to join our swimmers on the 27th March.

We caught up with Zayne with a few questions.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Zayne, with his daughter Savannah.

I’m Zayne i’m 31 oldest of 3 with my own little cherub named Savannah. I was born in Coventry but have done quite a lot of moving since, I have lived in Jamaica & Germany (with the army in which I served four years doing a tour of Afghanistan in 2012) Worcestershire and Hurley. I currently Live in Willenhall, which is close to Walsall. I work at Erodex an Aerospace engineering company as a maintenance engineer. My hobbies are keeping fit, music, cooking and also spending quality time with close friends and family.

How did you hear about the Swim-a-thon?

I found out about Swim-a-thon Via the internet I was looking for a swimming event close by and when I saw your flyer, I had to find out more! Especially as it was for charity, as I like to do at least one event every year. (Even more intrigued as it is my home town too.)

Have you completed an event of this type before? 

Yes, I have completed an event like this before. Last year I completed a 100 mile ultra marathon with a good friend of mine, completing 50 miles of running each in under 24 hrs. We did this for a charity called War child.

How is the training going?

The training is going well with me attending the local leisure centre at least 3 times a week.

How do you feel prior to the event?

I feel extremely excited to do this event for 3 reasons;

1.       The charity and it being close to home and what it’s for.

2.       I love the wellbeing side of things and the togetherness that these events bring out in people.

3.       That I will be part of a team trying to achieve a goal.

Do you have any personal goals in mind for the Swim-a-thon?

My personal goal will be to get as many lengths in as I can in for the team firstly then secondly I might try and get a 100 meter personal best.

Why did you choose to support Valley House?

I chose Valley house as I feel it’s fantastic what you are doing for the young families of our city, giving them hope and a chance in many ways. Also, my mum once worked alongside Valley House and told me about the fantastic work and support you give to these families.

Having Zayne join the team for the swim-a-thon has been a huge morale staff for those already taking part. We’re thrilled to have him completing his challenge with us, where we hope to raise £1500. This is one hundred pounds more than the previous swim-a-thon raised. Each participant is collecting sponsorship, but you can sponsor our swimmers here.

We’d like to wish Zayne and all our swimmers good luck for the last few weeks of training and for the swim-a-thon on Friday 27th March.