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Christmas came early, thanks to the Village Gym!

Christmas came early, thanks to the Village Gym!

Nothing embodies the Christmas spirt quite like giving. The Village Gym Coventry has Christmas spirit in abundance! Thanks to the generosity of customers AND staff, Valley House is able to provide gifts to ALL the children using our supported accommodation services.

The reality of Christmas for many of our service users is not always the glossy portrayal seen on festive cards. Many have faced and continue to face hardships. The Village gym has supported us this year. Because of the hard work and the generosity of Village Gym customers, we are able to provide gifts to every child in our supported accommodation services.

How they helped…

To achieve this the helpful elves (staff) took a list of ages and genders of each child. They hung the details on a tree, then staff and Gym customers then selected an age and gender and brought a Christmas present. These were delivered to us wrapped and ready to go! This simple act of kindness is helping to keep the magic of Christmas alive for children who have had a tough time recently. Not only that, it takes a huge burden from their parents.

Staff from the Village Gym with some of their donations.

Not only did the Village Gym work tirelessly to ensure there was a gift for every child, they also donated over 100 selection boxes for our Christmas Party! Santa gave these to the children who came to visit him. We don’t charge to see Santa at our events, we never have and we never will! But this makes providing gifts for the children a challenge every year! We simply could not have done it this year without the support of the Village Gym! And whilst we don’t get to see the faces of the children on Christmas morning, we do see the post Santa smiles! The children loved their gifts from Santa.

How you can help?

If you want to support Valley House, you can donate to us here. Anything you can give will go towards supporting vulnerable people in Coventry.