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Our Service Users Get Crafty For Christmas

Our Service Users Get Crafty For Christmas

There’s no denying the festive season is in full swing! Our service users have been getting into the spirit and crafting simple, but beautiful decorations for our community Christmas Party! (For more details about our Christmas Party, click here.)
At Valley House we run weekly groups for our service users, they are an opportunity to get together, have a hot drink and do an activity. The activities are varied, it can be anything from a walk, a talk or a craft! All chosen by our service users. This week they chose Christmas crafting, and have created beautiful chains, snowflakes and lanterns.
All their hard work will adorn Valley House on Saturday, at our Christmas party!

Our service users

Crafting has so many benefits, it’s not just creating something lovely. Research from University College London, led by Dr Daisy Fancourt has concluded that creative activities can improve your wellbeing in three main ways:
1. Distraction –avoid stress.
2. Contemplation – get some perspective on your life.
3. Self-development – build up self-esteem and confidence.


It’s also a great way to express yourself! In the past, our service users have also tried knitting and pompom making. We love trying new things and will always try and source equipment for different crafts and activities!

The final result looks great and these decorations will be carefully recycled after our event.

We don’t receive funding for these weekly sessions, they are service user led and we aim to cater to their choices. To help us continue these vital sessions, we need YOUR help. You can do this by clicking here. Donate to Valley House and we can use your donation to purchase craft supplies, tea and coffee and snacks. Our service users