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Learning about cultural diversity in the Nursery

Learning about cultural diversity in the Nursery

On Sunday, in celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitar, marking the end of Ramadan, our Nursery children engaged in a delightful exploration of cultural diversity. They immersed themselves in the beauty of Eid, focusing on the intricate clothing and exquisite jewellery associated with this occasion. The children eagerly donned various traditional garments and jewellery, fostering discussions about the rich tapestry of cultural diversity in these items. They compared the fabrics, marvelled at the array of colours, and revelled in the opportunity to appreciate and share these treasures.

After their enlightening exploration of clothing and jewellery, the children were invited to savour a feast of traditional foods. The spread included delectable spring rolls, flavourful vegetable pakoras, savoury keema naan, and mouth-watering sweets. The children’s taste buds were treated to a symphony of flavours, and they revelled in the cultural diversity of these culinary delights. Some found a special fondness for the spring rolls and pakoras, although a few noted that the spices added a tantalizing kick. In the spirit of cultural diversity, the children engaged in conversations about their food preferences, encouraging each other to sample new flavours and drawing comparisons between these dishes and their typical home-cooked meals. During this delightful exploration, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that some of their friends enjoyed very similar dishes at home, highlighting the beautiful mosaic of cultural diversity within their community.

Looking at jewellery worn at Eid in the Nursery.

Deciding what to try.
Trying naan.
Enjoying the foods on offer.



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