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Learning about cultural diversity in the Nursery

Learning about cultural diversity in the Nursery

As Sunday marked Eid-Ul-Fitar, the end of Ramadan, the children have been learning about Eid in the Nursery. They have looked at clothes and jewellery. The children tried different things on and talked about what they looked and felt like. They compared the fabrics and talked about the different colours. The children took turns with the items, they handled them carefully and shared them. After discussing the clothing the children had the opportunity to try some traditional food. They were offered spring rolls, vegetable pakoras, keema naan and sweets.

The children all enjoyed the sweets. Some children enjoyed the spring rolls and pakoras, others liked them but said they were a little spicy. They then discussed what they did and didn’t like. They encouraged each other to try new things and compared the food they were trying to what they would usually eat at home. They discovered that some of their friends eat very similar things at home.

Looking at jewellery worn at Eid in the Nursery.
Deciding what to try.
Trying naan.
Enjoying the foods on offer.

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