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Welcoming Connie as Our New Peer Support Worker

Welcoming Connie as Our New Peer Support Worker

Peer Support Worker

At Valley House, we are thrilled to welcome Connie as our newest member of staff in a unique new role as a  Peer Support Worker. Connie will be one of 3 Peer Support Workers in the new REACH Service.  Connie brings a wealth of lived experience and a compassionate heart to our team, and we are excited to have her join us on this journey towards promoting mental health recovery and well-being.

The Significance of the Peer Support Worker Role

The role of a Peer Support Worker is distinctive and essential in our mission to provide empathetic and understanding support to individuals who have experienced mental distress. Connie, as a Peer Support Worker, will utilise her own lived experiences to offer hope and encouragement to others who may be navigating similar challenges. This role plays a vital part in empowering individuals to regain control of their lives and chart their unique paths to recovery.

Collaboration and Connection

Connie will work collaboratively with various external agencies and organisations, such as @RethinkMentalIllness, @CoventryandWarwickshirePartnershipTrust, @Artyfolks, @CAB, and Organisations from The Cultural Inclusion Network. This collaboration aims to ensure a holistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of those accessing the REACH  service.

Key Responsibilities

Connie’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks that revolve around supporting individuals in their recovery journey:

Building connections and collaborate with external agencies to provide comprehensive support to service users.

Prioritising the individual’s needs, working within the recovery model to assist them in achieving their goals.

Openly sharing her own journey of recovery and coping to establish connections and provide much-needed support.

Supporting individuals in identifying their unique recovery pathways and help them work towards their goals.

Maintaining a flexible approach to encourage engagement and adapt to individual needs.

Inspiring hope and resilience

We look forward to Connie’s valuable contributions as a Peer Support Worker and are excited about the positive impact she will make in the lives of individuals seeking support on their journey to mental health recovery. Her presence will undoubtedly inspire hope and resilience among those we support. Welcome, Connie!

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