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Steve’s story

Steve’s story

When Steve and his daughter became homeless, Valley House offered practical and emotional support which he describes as a ‘lifeline’. Today, the family has a stable home and Steve is learning to open up and deal with his emotions.

When Steve and his daughter became homeless after Steve’s relationship ended, he became anxious and depressed. He started using alcohol and drugs and felt like his life was spiralling out of control.

Steve was referred to Valley House. We provided the family with accommodation, and helped Steve claim the correct benefits and learn to budget effectively. With our support, Steve applied for secure, permanent accommodation and he and his daughter moved into a place of their own.

Steve finds communication difficult. He would become aggressive and difficult during important phone calls with agencies and service providers. We supported Steve during these calls, ensuring he remained calm and non-threatening. This has helped him access vital services for him and his daughter.

Facing up to his emotions

Once Steve had settled into his new home, he began to think about his emotions and ways to control his anxiety. A support worker from our innovative pre-counselling service listened to Steve – something he said he’d never experienced before – and helped him work through the big issues he was facing. He began to open up about his life and said he felt like a weight had been lifted.

With newfound confidence, Steve progressed on to counselling sessions with Valley House. With support from an experienced counsellor, he explored his emotions and behaviours in a focussed and in-depth way.

Life-saving support

Steve said something ‘shifted’ after his counselling sessions. He became more personable and less abrupt with people and started using techniques he had learned in counselling to control his anxiety.

Today, Steve says he is a different person. He no longer uses drugs or alcohol and feels able to cope with his emotions. His newfound confidence means he is less isolated and more able to trust others, especially in personal relationships. Steve credits the support he received from Valley House as ‘life-saving’.

Note: Valley House shares real stories from the people we work with. If necessary, we use stock photographs and change some details to protect the identity of individuals.