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Freddy’s story

Freddy’s story


Freddy was diagnosed with autism shortly after joining The Nursery. We helped him develop his communication skills and get ready for the transition to school.

When Freddy joined us he had little speech and used gestures to communicate. The first few months of nursery were challenging for him. Unexpected or loud noises upset him so much he would cover his ears and lash out, sometimes banging his head.

Freddy was also uncomfortable at nappy changing time – he disliked anyone other than his parents to tend to his personal care. Building relationships with staff and other children was hard for Freddy as he preferred to be alone.

Supporting Freddy

We made sure our staff had autism training to help us understand life from Freddy’s perspective. We spent time having in-depth conversations with his parents and we carefully observed his interactions at nursery. This helped us understand what would trigger his behaviour and how to plan for and meet his developmental needs.

He had regular one-to-one time with his keyworker which helped him develop trust. He started forming friendships with other children and nappy changes became far less stressful for him.


When Freddy left for school, two years later, his speech was fluent and he had built stable relationships with significant adults in his life.

We are so proud of Freddy and how far he has come.

“The staff here are fantastic. They always have time for you and give great advice. We also have a lot of laughs. I am very grateful for the time they have given to my little boy who has come on in leaps and bounds. Thank you, ladies.” Freddy’s mum.

Note: Valley House shares real stories from the people we work with. If necessary, we use stock photographs and change some details to protect the identity of individuals. 


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