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What we do

We offer young people a safe space to meet others, acknowledge their potential, and enjoy new opportunities.

The support we provide is not just about one single issue. Our service helps young people to overcome a number of barriers that may be holding them back in their lives.

The activities we offer include youth groups, social events, sports sessions and courses.

We support young people to lead independent, fulfilling and happy lives. Through accessing our service, young people gain confidence, build supportive networks and develop new skills. Ultimately, the work we do supports young people to make informed decisions, feel more positive about themselves and take control of their futures.

Who do we work with?

Young people aged 16 to 25 can use our service. The circumstances of the young people we have worked with in the past are varied and complex. They might include poor mental health, isolation, relationship problems, unemployment, housing, money worries and being at risk of exploitation or radicalisation.