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Stay mentally well this winter

Stay mentally well this winter

To combat the negative effects winter and the pandemic have had on mental health, health and social care partners across Coventry and Warwickshire are uniting to remind people they are not alone and support is always available.

At this time, it’s vitally important that people are aware of and able to seek support for negative thoughts and feelings should they need it.

Life is a delicate mix of emotions and feelings with sadness, pain, fear and anger, as well as happiness, and everyone reacts differently to events. When emotions become hard to manage they can affect everyday life, often detrimentally – this is when reaching out for support can help.

There are many ways people can look after their wellbeing during these challenging and difficult times.

The resource http://dearlife.org.uk/ has been created by partners to help people find the tools to maintain and improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. It offers a wealth of information about where to get help in a crisis, advice on how to maintain good mental health and ways to support others in need.

To talk to a professional today, call Coventry and Warwickshire’s local mental health helpline for free on 0800 616 171, provided by Mental Health Matters.  Helpline staff can provide emotional support for residents including:

·       feeling low, anxious or stressed and wanting to talk to another person

·       feelings of extreme emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn

·       caring for another person and finding it difficult to cope

·       needing advice about how to get more support with an issue that’s affecting your mental wellbeing

·       feeling socially isolated and just need a chat.


Dr Sharon Binyon, Medical Director at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, said:

“Despite the festive period around the corner, winter is a struggle for many people and with the added pressures from the pandemic, we are expecting it to be a challenging and lonely time for a lot of residents.

“There is a wide range of support services available across Coventry and Warwickshire to help people who are feeling low, stressed or struggling to cope. Dear life has been carefully constructed and designed to help you find support, provide lifesaving steps and advice in maintaining good mental health.

Please share the website link and phone number with someone who may need it.”

Warwickshire County Councillor Les Caborn, portfolio holder for Adult Social Care and Health, added:

“The county council is determined to create a culture of kindness by reminding residents to look out for themselves and the benefits to mental health of being kind to one another. Support is always available and we want to make sure people know how to find it.

“Loneliness can influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and can make us believe that being lonely is part of our identity. There are things we can do, and support available, to change this mindset. I would strongly encourage anyone who is worried about someone, or themselves, to visit the dear life website which has been made specifically to help you find the right support for your needs.

A small act of kindness can save a life, reach out to people you know who may be lonely and isolated at this time.”

Coventry City Councillor Kamran Caan, portfolio holder for Public Health and Sport, added:

“Loneliness can be difficult to cope with at any time but particularly during the festive season, and especially during the ongoing pandemic.


“We are continuing to work alongside our partners to help residents in our city to feel more socially connected by feeling confident that they have someone to talk to. There is a wide range of support services available across Coventry to help people who are feeling low, stressed or struggling to cope. The Dear Life website is a fantastic way to help everyone in our city to feel they have somewhere to go for advice at a time they or someone close to them is struggling.


“It is really important that during these challenging times we pay close attention to our own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around us.”


The following local and national mental health support and helplines are also available: