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The Big Festive Share

The Big Festive Share

The Big Festive share hopes to raise awareness of the amazing charities and community groups in Coventry,

We are excited to launch our #BigFestiveShare today! It’s safe to say that 2020 has truly been a year like no other. We’ve been unable to see family, friends and even colleagues as we follow the evolving guidelines on staying safe. Personal and professional heartbreak has swept through the country. Charities and community groups have been hit hard by lockdown measures, changes in circumstances and the knock-on effects of furlough and unemployment. But with all this going on, charities and community groups are needed more than ever!

Why are we doing a #BigFestiveShare?

With a nation tightening its belt, we wanted to encourage people to support the many wonderful charities and community groups in Coventry. The best news? It will cost you nothing to support them!

Giving feels good, we’ve all had that warm glow after sponsoring someone, or donating to a campaign. But at the moment, many of us have little spare to part with.

How can you join in with #TheBigFestiveShare?

We will be sharing some of the wonderful charities and community groups in the city and the work that they do via our social media channels. To show your support, raise awareness of the great causes operating in and around Coventry and to spread the word far and wide; we’re asking you to follow these groups, to like their posts and to share them. It takes seconds, costs nothing and can help more than you think. With 166 million daily users of social media, you never know the positive impact you can have by engaging with charities and community groups.

We have some fantastic, hardworking organisations and community groups taking part in the #BigFestiveShare. Until the 23rd December, we’ll be posting a little bit about them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All you have to do to make a difference is like, follow and share. Three simple (free) steps to help raise awareness and make more of a difference than you realise. Helping a charity during your daily social media scroll, we like the sound of that!

Who is joining the #BigFestiveShare?

To find out who’s joining the #BigFestiveShare, keep an eye on our social media channels:

Facebook – @ValleyHouse1977

Twitter – @ValleyHouseCov

Instagram – @valleyhousecov

If you want to spread the festive cheer all year round, continue to support these charities and groups in 2021! It is such a simple way to show your support without reaching for your wallet.