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What is The Hope Revolution?

What is The Hope Revolution?

Recently, Valley House became part of the Hope Revolution. In a nutshell, it’s a new way of giving to charities. Each charity has a ‘shop’ on the Hope Revolution website, supporters simply visit the site, chose what they want to buy for their chosen charity and it will be delivered! It’s a fantastic way to give, and what better day to tell you about them then their first birthday?

We spoke to Hope Revolution Director, John-James to find out more!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the team at the Hope Revolution?

I founded The Hope Revolution in October 2019 after developing the initial idea for over a year. The Hope Revolution is now a small team of volunteers consisting of myself, John-James, my non-executive director Lenny & our web-guru Bryony. Myself and Lenny have over 30 years experience in marketing and design between us and with the addition of Bryony, who has a PhD from Manchester University, we have a dream team! Although we are currently volunteers, we are currently working towards making our business sustainable. This will allow us to continue helping our partnering charities for many years to come, as well as build up the team to provide an even better service! Of course, it would be rude not to mention our furry office occupants, Purdy and Steve, who keep us entertained with their cat antics.

In a nutshell, how does the Hope Revolution support charities?

The Hope Revolution partners with charities across the UK and provides them with their very own online ”donation hub”. Here they can request all the items they currently need; we list all items big and small, from a pair of socks to a washing machine.  When a member of the public purchases an item donation through The Hope Revolution, we have that exact item sent directly from our suppliers to the charity. It’s simple and hassle free for both the person donating and the charity! The items are exactly what is needed, even down to the exact brand of cat food or correct size of jacket. This also frees up money at the charity, giving them more money to spend on things such as tenancy deposits for a vulnerable person, or vets bills for a sick animal. The Hope Revolution currently partners with charities from 4 different sectors – homelessness / housing, animal shelters, aged charities and children / family charities. This means we have a huge array of items for donation! Every donation includes free delivery, and we take no commission either. Our business works through the generosity of local businesses supporting what we do, meaning 100% of what you spend on your donation goes on providing those items to the charity.

What do you feel are the benefits of donating the Hope Revolution way?

You get to choose exactly how your money is spent! We absolutely love that people donate cash donations or second hand items; these are extremely vital parts of how charities operate. We want to, however, allow people to say ”I want to give my favourite local charity items X, Y and Z”. They can shop online for their local charities in exactly the same way they would shop for themselves, picking items which appeal to them. They can be safe in knowing that the items they purchase through The Hope Revolution are needed by their chosen charity right now, will be sent directly to the charity, and will be directly helping a person or animal in need as soon as the very next day – all in just a few clicks!

How did the idea come about?

I (John-James) was working with a colleague in 2018, building a mobile application for a luxury hotel chain. My role was working towards implementing a room service feature where guests could request the items they needed and have them brought right to their door. This got me thinking… Why can’t charities do this? They should be able to tell us what they need, and have someone send it to their door. The Hope Revolution became my labour of love, launching as a mobile application helping homelessness charities in my hometown of Manchester in late 2019. Almost a year later and we are in 12 cities across the UK, partnering with over 50 charities in 4 charitable sectors, helping them to get donations via our website and mobile application. As of 5th October 2020, we have a donation item tally of 1,977. That’s an amazing number of lives to have been able to touch and help, and we’re forever blown away by the generosity of members of the public!

How did you hear about Valley House?

We have been supporting more charities across the midlands including SIFA Fireside, LoveBrum and many others. We saw the great work being done at Valley House and knew that we wanted to help where we could. We got in touch and were excited to be able to create Valley House’s donation hub (www.hope-revolution.org/valleyhouse). All of our donation hubs are completely free for each of our charities to use.

What are your future aspirations for the Hope Revolution?

Our next step is to become sustainable, so we can continue doing the work we do! We are also working with a number of charities on their Christmas donations including providing a page for LoveBrum to facilitate donations on their Christmas ”Bags for Brummies” campaign. We have some really exciting projects coming up next year too, which you can keep up to date with by checking out our website or following us on social media.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheHopeRev
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheHopeRev

You can support Valley House via The Hope Revolution website! To view our shop, simply follow the link.

You can purchase a range of items, from underwear to colouring books! Everything you purchase will go to a service user in need.