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National Biscuit Day

National Biscuit Day

Last week marked National Biscuit day. Did you know that on average, Brits buy 500 biscuits per year? And over half the nation (53%) state they enjoy eating them. 56 million packets of branded digestives are sold every year, imagine that figure taking into account supermarket own brands too! (For more biscuit facts, click here.)

Biscuits – the perfect lock down snack

During this lock down period, it has been reported that 40 percent of us are enjoying more biscuits than before. And British biscuit consumption is the highest in the world, higher than all major European countries and even 35 per cent higher than the US. 27 million households buy biscuits, and 61% of UK households own a biscuit tin! (Scotsman.com) It’s not really surprising when you think about how useful the humble biscuit is. They’re great for hungry little tummies, a quick snack and they make a plain old cup of tea much more exciting!

The versatile snack.

What is the best biscuit?

For National Biscuit Day, we asked staff for their biscuit of choice. Shortbread came out on top by a mile! It seems that’s the one our staff are reaching for after a day in the office. Other favourites include; custard creams, chocolate hobnobs and chocolate digestives. It’s also fairly unanimous that these biscuits are enjoyed with a lovely cup of tea.

What have biscuits got to do with a charity?

Well, you’d be surprised how many biscuits we get through.

Packets of biscuits go into our ‘welcome packs’ for the women, men and children coming to our service to escape domestic abuse. These packs contain the basic foods they need to settle in to our accommodation. They take the stress of shopping away in the early days, so that our families can focus on healing from the trauma they have experienced.

We use biscuits at our Refresh meetings on Thursdays (these meetings are currently on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will let you know as soon as they are up and running again!)

Plates of biscuits are provided for our service users who come to our service user forums.

Biscuits are a great stock item for our ‘Free Food Cupboard’, something which our service users can help themselves to, when they are in need.

Can you help us?

If after reading this, you’d like to provide a packet of biscuits for a person or family using one of our services, you can do this by donating through JustGiving  here. Simply add a message to your donation stating that it is to provide a Valley house service user and their family with biscuits.