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Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week in Mental Health Awareness Week!

We can’t deny we’re experiencing something unprecedented at the moment. It’s important to manage your mental health during this time, especially when it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem. (mental.org.uk)

Simple steps to look after your mental health

Doing things that are good for your mental health may be trickier at the moment. But below are ten things you can do to help improve your mental health:

1.       Talk about your feelings

2.       Keep active

3.       Eat well

4.       Drink sensibly

5.       Keep in touch

6.       Ask for help

7.       Take a break

8.       Do something you’re good at

9.       Accept who you are

10.   Care for others

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The theme of mental health awareness week is ‘Kindness’. We asked Valley House staff what acts of kindness they’ve witnessed, been part of or even instigated.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Kindness’

“During this pandemic our neighbourhood has collaborated to look after each other. In a time where getting food and essentials is significantly more difficult than usual and deliveries being on a 3 week rotation; everyone has come together to ensure no one falls short. Ordering or picking up additional essentials for each other and coming together as a community to look after the elderly, higher risk people in the street (obviously while maintaining social distancing). I think it is small acts of selfless kindness like this really helps to restore faith in humanity and remind people that they are not alone.”


Donations for the children at Valley House.

“We were given £25 Sainsbury’s vouchers for our families to use during lockdown for their children. We were also given boxes containing toys, games and books for the children in the service to keep them occupied during this time. They came from an organisation called ‘Kids In.’ For children of refuges. The family were very grateful and said that they have been a massive help. Helped with stress and their mental health during this time.”


“When on a family holiday in Spain in my early teens, we travelled to a theme park. As we headed to the entrance a man asked in broken English if we were going in and gave us two bits of card. When we got to the ticket office we found out they were actually entrance tickets! My dad found him in the park and asked if there was anything we could give him and he told some people had dropped out and he didn’t want the tickets to go to waste. We couldn’t believe his generosity of this random act of kindness, it made the day out extra special.”                                                                                              

Above are just a few examples of kindness. Kindness is free and creates a good feeling, being a charity we get to witness kindness a lot. Whether it be donations of selection boxes at Christmas, donated gifts for the children in our services or a person doing a sponsored event to raise money for us!

If you are struggling with you mental health, Valley House can help.

Community Wellbeing Service

Valley House Community Wellbeing Service continues to be able to accept referrals for the support we provide as part of Accelerate. Due to COVID-19 we are not able to provide face-to-face appointments but we are flexible in how support is offered. Support is tailored to the needs of the individual and includes by phone, text, email or video calling.

Support offered to participants experiencing difficulties with

·       Depression

·       Anxiety

·       Sleep issues

·       Hopelessness

·       Isolation

·       Bereavement

·       Long term illness

·       Participants will have the opportunity to explore:

o   Housing

o   Benefits

We also support participants to manage, attend and make applications, for practical issues that are a contributory factor to their mental health in the following areas of:

·       Housing

·       Benefits application support

·       Charity application

·       Big difference scheme

·       Fitter futures scheme

·       Hospital appointment support

·       Wellbeing academy support applications and support in attending classes

·       Support with completing PIP assessment applications and attending the assessment

·       Support with completing health assessment applications and support with attending the assessment

·       Finding voluntary work

·       Advocacy

·       Sign posting

At the first appointment with participants we undertake an assessment. In that session we agree if the participant considers the service suitable for them and also if we can offer the appropriate support for them.

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