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Valley House Young Women’s Refuge

Valley House Young Women’s Refuge

Valley House Young Women’s refuge is a new service being delivered in Coventry, from April.

Recently, Valley House was part of the West Midlands combined authority bid to increase refuge bed spaces across the Midlands. We are pleased to say that we were successful! We are absolutely thrilled to be delivering this service for young women escaping domestic abuse.

How will the new service be ran?

Valley House will be delivering a new service for young women.

The Valley House Young Women’s Refuge, will be managed by a deputy manager. We asked her for her thoughts on the new service being offered by Valley House:

As the new deputy manager of the young women’s refuge, I will be managing a 13 bedroom shared property for women fleeing domestic abuse, and I will be based at the refuge with staff. I am very excited about this new role, and the positive impact we can have on the lives of young women, and what the domestic abuse refuge will offer for women fleeing domestic abuse.

Being based at the refuge will allow staff to engage with service users. We can easily host groups on different topics. We will enable service users to gain a number of skills and live independently, which is important.

Support will be provided by one full time support worker and two apprentice support workers will be introduced to the service at a later date.

What will the service provide?

This new service will consist of 13 units of refuge spaces for women aged 18-25 years and will offer dedicated refuge provision for victims of domestic abuse. We are providing secure and confidential accommodation with 24 hour staff support.

Referrals into the service will be taken 24 hours a day through the current domestic abuse referral process, including self-referrals either by phone or by attending our office.

The accommodation will be shared in 2 large 6/7 bed properties with an onsite staff office.

Our Senior Service Manager, had this to say about our new service:

I feel that the new Refuge is ideal for service users. There will be flexibility for all referrals as if the victim doesn’t meet the criteria for Refuge and there is supported accommodation available, both services will complement each other. Because service users are sharing accommodation, it will be ideal to run groups for women. Staff are based at the Refuge so service users will have daily face to face contact with support workers. It will be a community for service users who have had to flee Domestic Abuse.

We’d like to send a special thanks to our maintenance team. They have worked really hard to get all the rooms ready for the start date. (Whilst observing social distancing protocols.)